God bless you're family, friend's and you take care during these hard times we're facing.

It's been over 22 months of chaos in this world, but the whole problem wasn't really about the C. The issue was all about Climate Change, oh don't get me wrong there is a V out there, well not airborne as they say but your chance in recovering it pretty much have a rate of 99.9998 %.  

I've got to say, the amount of money they've thrown done on advertising this life saving V, so called V made within 6 months, jump all clinical testing and trials, but let's mass produce it for the world.  

It’s a shame as I know that this V isn’t working as it’s meant to work. It’s really back fired on these so-called scientists and epidemiologist; whistle blowers are coming out of the wood-works from all walks of life and with PhD and just as smart as these people telling us to take this V.  

They’re silencing these doctors, nurses, scientists, epidemiologists that are coming out and speaking about the V and what the real affects from these so called V. I'm hoping that humanity will win this war on us. We need to stand together both Unvaccinated and Vaccinated we need to stand together and take on this ruthless leadership, that is hurting us slowly. 

 I have created a range of shirts to fight back and they speak for themselves, check out my custom T-shirts, as I've lost my job I had to start something to support myself and my family as we've all affected by this and as much as I would love to roll my sleeve up.

I really can't risk my chances in taking any V, I have a list of problems, that can arise from me taking it. I rather rick my chances with C then the V. Before this I was a courier and working in the thick of it and never affected me .. 

Anyways, I would love the support if you can purchase a shirt, all made with high quality material cotton. Printed and shipped from Australia 


God bless you're family, friend's and you take care during these hard times we're facing.

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